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Assassins Creed III

The Redcoats are Coming!!

The Gamers score: 9.5

Assassins Creed III - 9.5

Overall, Assassins Creed III is the best Assassins Creed title yet.  The new weapons and fighting techniques, the fact that the game takes place outside in the wilderness and at sea, being in a different time era than the previous titles all add up to the most impressive games I have seen All those awards Ubisoft received for "Best of E3" and "Most Anticipated" were much deserved.

Just like the previous Assassin Creed titles jumping from branch to branch with fluidly is where the game shines.  Just as fluid as traveling fighting may even be more fluid.  This time around, Connor as he is called is equipped with an array of weaponry and believe me, he uses all of them to his full advantage.  From the tomahawk, bow and arrow to your assassins blades you are familiar with, Connor has many different options on how to kill the red coats.  It was neat to see Connor chasing down an enemy and while running, there was a weapon stand with rifles just sitting there to be used...  While running, Connor nonchalantly grabs a rifle, stabs an enemy with the bayonet while shooting another one seconds later.  The fluidity of the combat is what has me excited about playing AC3.  Connor makes it look easy the way he can dispatch multiple foes.  Another new combat feature that is being introduced to the Assassins Creed series is Naval combat.  For the first time, players will get to fight against other ships and will have the ability to board enemy ships.  In a series that has been going strong for awhile now, it's nice to see new features and combat abilities being implemented into the game.

Even though AC3 looks incredible, something that still kind of bugs me is that when Connor is fighting multiple people, no more than two people engage Connor at a time.  It's your typical brawler in that not all the enemies engage at the same time.  They wait for their comrades to get killed, then they jump in and give it a go classic movie mistake.  I understand developers have to do this for balancing issues, but with a game that has so much polish to it, you wouldn't think that would make such a big deal for me, I guess I'm just trying to find things to nitpick.

The game in short was amazing, but at some points repetitive  I was drawn in to the story but eventually I just got tired of the same climbing flipping pouncing attacks because this game is LONG. A few weeks in and i'm writing this sitting at about 40% completed.

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