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Assassin's Creed Origins

Welcome back to the Animus
The Gamers Score: 9.0
AC: Origins - 9.0

If you've played any other Assassin's Creed game then you have played Assassin's Creed Origins. Where this game excels however is not in the basic game play but the refined changes that make this title feel more unique.

Lets be honest with ourselves... Assassin's Creed is basically Metal Gear Solid and every other sneak out from the shadows game, but that's not why we play it. The only real down side of this game is that it hasn't broken any new ground on gameplay other than the small changes that make the game's cool factor hop up a few notches. When I saw it at E3 my initial impression was more of a "meh another Assassin's Creed game" than the original amazement with the first one. If you're worried about side missions this game has plenty to stay in line with its predecessors, but even those feel repetitive after awhile. Does anyone remember hoping from rooftop to rooftop of 18th century America grabbing pages of a book. Imagine that but in Egypt.

The good is that while i'm critical of this feeling like the same game, what really is the problem with that? If you take a great game and keep it a great game what does it matter. Have you every watched a movie more than once? Have you ever played Mario anything more than once? Every game does not have to be brand new, in fact I kind of like "coming home" to familiar button schemes like most FPS games do. I'm not going to ruin any story elements for you but sufficed to say this story is better than the critically and commercially panned movie. This time you get an eagle to be your eyes, you can Dr Doolittle lions in to breaking out of cages and eating their captors, and crawl up the pyramids. 

The game is great, it is visually stunning as all the others have been for their generation of console. Imagine Egypt in 4K. It's jaw dropping. The game loses a point simply because the same gripe I have with every game in this series. It's so damn long with all the side missions, even if you just focus on the story you'll be putting in 30 hours. This is definitely worth 30 hours of your life though.

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