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Aliens Colonial Marines

No bullets? What are we supposed to use, harsh language?

Aliens Colonial Marines - 7.5

At E3 2011 this game excited me beyond belief, because I am a huge Aliens fan. I waited in line for hours just to get into a makeshift APC and catch a glimpse of this new game. While we were being watched by 2 2 people in marine costumes and night vision goggles we were warned that no cameras were allowed. And with that the show started. I was pleasantly surprised at how the game looked. With real actors lending their voice talents to the game and sound effects straight from the movie could it get any better?

Sadly the game fails in many ways to deliver the suspense that they had shown us while in that APC in June 2011. After ponying up 100 dollars for the collectors edition the graphics were sub par at best. It felt like playing an Aliens on the original Xbox.

The Gamers Score: 7.5

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