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Chris "The Gamer" Fanelli - June 2017


Another E3 is in the books and this year was crazy!

*Begin Rant*
The latest addition of E3 the General Public, and not to sound special or anything but it was a terrible move. Recent years have seen the decline in both major companies either leaving to create their own events (EA i'm looking at you buddy) or just remove themselves all together (I miss you so I can see how they would want to re-energize both vendors and attendees with this move. In theory they were right I haven't heard about E3 talked about outside of industry circles in years, but n practice it was a disaster.

From the start the addition of a thousand new people made the already long line to get in much worse because not knowing what to expect people showed up hours early until the line was around the building. I get it, you're excited and ready for the glitz and glamour of whats 6 years the line has never even made it out of the atrium before.


As you probably know by now witty yet disparaging nicknames are my thing, and E3 is no exception. Neons as I called them, named for their distinctive neon badges, were like a plague of locusts. Anything that wasn't nailed down people stuffed hand fulls into backpacks which quickly made their way to eBay by lunch. I've been going to E3 since 2011 and have amassed what I now realize is a small fortune's worth of swag bags that are provided for free to hold all the t-shirts, key chains, and random Tchotchkes to hold. This year these bags had suspiciously been absent despite me seeing them in the back warehouse walking in from the garage. As you've guessed by now, neons stuffed as many as they could in backpacks and sold them on eBay for 10 bucks a piece. It got so bad that on the last day of E3 they had to have a guard at every distribution point to hand out 1 at a time.

*End Rant*


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