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Mass Effect Andromeda

Not Shepard but kind of still is returns for another installment of what alien will you bang
The Gamers Score: 7.5
Mass Effect Andromeda - 7.5

If you've played any of the Mass Effect series, the forth installment will not disappoint. Well okay yes it will. 

I'm an early adopter and because of it I always see the games at their worst, but in this case none of the successive patches made it any better. In point of fact the first patch didn't really address any issues other than a complaint from the LGBTQ community. What i'm assuming was supposed to be a trans gendered person volunteered they were trans gendered immediately after first talking to them. Yes you read that right. The first major patch to this game was to make you have to ask more questions before finding out they are not really a guy. Things that could have been better addressed like disconnects and corrupted saves were put on the back burner to change the length it takes for a minor character that has no bearing on any missions to tell you their backstory. That's pretty much an analogy for this entire game.


The facial expressions and in general the graphics on characters were abysmal. The odd part is that the rest of the game is beautiful. Planets, plant life, animals, robots, and in general all backdrops are colorful and well done. The best way to describe it was it's like 2 different companies made this game and each split the work. Which did happen, the game was moved to a different designer mid game. Consider this game just a giant series of side quests, unlike the previous Mass Effect games there's no discernible storyline other than you're the guy who represents first contact to aliens. What they consider story missions tend to all be the same things just on different planets. You have all the same alien races with all the same powers as the previous games except with different names this time. At least in the previous games there was a story you are playing out. Decisions you make carry very little if any weight to the outcome other than the AI team members you take with you on missions.

The good of this game is few and far between. All I can say is you get a cool ATV to drive around planets in different gravity and you have the same opportunities to hook up with shipmates or random NPC's in side quests. If you're bored and it's on Steam for cheap it's worth playing but they already scammed me out of the retail price so you didn't have to.

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