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Mass Effect 3

Col Shepard returns for another installment of what alien will you bang

The Gamers Score: 9.5

Mass Effect 3 - 9.5

If you've played any of the Mass Effect series, the third installment will not disappoint. Well right up until the end. An engaging story combining with the micromanaging of your crew that you have come to expect ME3 is well worth the time to play. 

The graphics, are as beautiful as it's predecessors with many missions having a very epic feel in the vast backdrops. Face and body's of the characters are average however, but luckily you only see them in the cinematics.

The game engine is smooth as with the other installments however this go around the all around feel is more of a first person shooter than the other games. Biotics still play a heavy role as well as ordering around the rest of your team.

This time around multiplayer co-op has been added which unlike most third person shooters does not feel like it was just tacked on at the end

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