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Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Look at me... You're the captain now!
The Gamers Score: 9.5
Star Trek Bridge Crew - 9.5

I'm a bit of a sci-fi nerd to go along with my gaming addiction so when I heard there was a new Star Trek game coming out I was filled with... dread. The history of Star Trek in gaming has been terrible at best. No game developer has been able to capture what it is like to be in the Star Trek universe until now.

As you probably read in my VR wargames review I bought the PSVR just because of this game. The E3 video (above) was not only visually amazing the people playing it knew a little something about the franchise. Levar Burton who played Lt Commander Geordi Laforge on The Next Generation, Jeri Ryan who is Star Trek Voyager's Seven of Nine, and relative newcomer Karl Urban who plays Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the reboot all don VR headsets to join the crew of the USS Aegis. Their reaction to the game and descriptions of the universe sold me on it site unseen. I immediately pre-ordered my PSVR and waited impatiently. And then this launch title was delayed a month. Then 3 months. Finally to 7 months. According to Ubisoft the delay was to add more content to the game.

Game in hand and ready to play I eagerly moved my couch to the exact perfect spot and prepared to sit in the captains chair. From this point I will tell you this game is only as good as what you put in to it. Gameplay wise it is simple yet amazingly fun, but where this title shines is the multiplayer. Each position has it positives and negatives but if you get in to your role as Helmsman, Engineer, Tactical, or even Captain you will love it. The captain has equally the most important and least entertaining role on the bridge. Your job is much like in the shows and movies is to tell people what to do based on the fact that you are the only one who can see the mission parameters. the other 3 roles have their own unique challenges such as the Helmsman moving a ship that doesn't corner on a dime through 3D space without ramming in to anything, and Engineering constantly rerouting subsystem power settings or damage control teams. Having played the game now for awhile veterans of the game just tend to go in and do what they need to do without any orders making Captain the least desirable position in multiplayer now. Speaking of multiplayer... This is one of the only games that is fully cross platform enabled. PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive users can all play together without any noticeable differences. In fact most of the time the only way you can tell what system someone is playing on is if they can point their fingers, (Rift) make a fist, (Vive) or just open and close their hands. (PSVR)

Now the bad news... As I've said before content is king and there is very little of it here. The missions are repetitive as you're mostly switch from scanning and transporting survivors or fighting Klingons in various randomly generated planetary backdrops. Te aforementioned additional content to the game causing delays was instead of playing as the Aegis you can play as the USS Enterprise from the 1960's Original Series. You can just call this addition brutal mode, because it's all te same missions just playing on unlabeled buttons and switches pulled directly from the Original Series. My only disappointment in this game is the vast rich universe of Star Trek makes itself ripe for DLC and as of yet none has come out and no announcement of any to come. Most players of the game would gladly pay for an expansion to the other generations of Trek or even PvP combat, so I hope that is what Ubisoft has in mind instead of hitting us with micro-transactions now.

Bottom line? If you are a Star Trek fan like me and have 3 other friends or are lucky enough to get matched in to a multiplayer game where people play their roles you will not be disappointed in this game. The game only loses half a point for lack of content which is really only noticeable if you aren't playing along.

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